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Friday, December 17, 2010

Small Is Beautiful ... And Delicious

The kings of 18th century France desired these petite, beautiful desserts which were originally made for their pleasure alone.  The name Petit Fours derived from the slow oven which these dainty sweets were baked and the name Petit Four actually means "little ovens."

These elegant bite-sized cakes can be layered with fruity cordials, truffle mousse, draped in fine chocolate and festively decorated over smooth, butter cream frosting.  Each one is generally multi-layered no more than 1" squared and filled with velvety creams, intriguing fruits like raspberry, orange, strawberry and mocha. 

Are your mouths watering yet?   If you'd love to bake these tiny tid bits for your guests and family this holiday, click on the link below and ENJOY !

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Shoe Styles That Flatter Petites

     We can compliment our appearance by choosing the right styles to make it possible.  Sadly though, some of the styles we may love might not be flattering for our petite feet.
We loved Converses when we were younger and probably yes, the little girl in us still love them now, but when it comes to flattering our petite legs ... well ... maybe not
** wink **wink

Because we're short, gladiator sandals and shoes with ankle straps, ankle cuffs, ties around the ankle, heavy heels, very chunky wedges, or square toes are taboo.

Although wearing high heels is the easiest way to look taller, higher isn't always better when it comes to heels. Wearing heels that are too high will call attention to the wearer, but not in a good way. Never wear heels that are so high that you feel off-balance.

Classic pumps will make legs appear longer, slimmer, and shapelier too, so they're an excellent choice for short women. If the pumps have a pointed toe, all the better because pointed toes elongate and make petites look taller.  A V-shaped vamp can also help add to a longer look. Keep the heel height and width proportionate to your size. If you're a plus-size petite, select heels that don't look too delicate or fragile. They don't need to be chunky, just shapely and well proportioned.

Shoes with peep toes are a good choice because they tend to elongate the foot and thus make you look taller. Wearing peep toes is also a great way to show off a pretty pedicure. Peep toes work well for short women whether they're on pumps, slingbacks, kitten heels, or flats.

Slingback sandals and slides are another great choice for petites because they look light on the feet and don't add a heavy or clunky element to an ensemble. Slingback sandals are ideal for summer accessorizing. Select a heel height that you can comfortably wear. Straps on the slingbacks shouldn't be too wide. Narrower straps look better and are more in proportion for petites. If the straps extend along the top of the foot to form a V or along the sides of the foot, that type of design is a plus because it will tend to elongate and make you look taller.

Ballet flats are just the ticket for loafing about, shopping, or even for the office if you work in a casual environment. No, they won't add to your height, but you can select styles with pointed toes, a V-shaped vamp, or peep toes to help give you a longer look.

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Holiday Camouflage And Discipline

The holiday season is here and with turkey day behind us, we’ve probably got a little additional padding in the trunk or thicker handlebars at the waistline because of all that wonderful food we enjoyed.

Because we’re Petite, extra pounds are noticed easier and they pack on in those places that simply can be unattractive.  There is nothing worse than feeling as if bright red arrows are flashing like blinding beacons straight at our butts, thighs and waistline.

Obviously the best way to avoid the added poundage is watching what you eat, keeping the portions small and if you must indulge then get your butt on that treadmill the very next day and walk it off.  We are human.  The holiday season is a time to celebrate with friends and family and enjoy in the festivities.  Should we abstain?  No.  Eat, drink and be merry … yes but just don’t go to extremes.

If you have added on a few extra pounds make sure you to avoid any prints and patters that will overwhelm your shape.  We are vertically challenged to begin with and large prints will not only make us look shorter, but they will also add more pounds to the inches. 

Tight, clingy fabrics will have you looking as though you’ve grown out of your sister's hand-me-downs.  Be appropriate, conscious and wise as to what you place on your body.  If you have to take it to the next size believe me you’ll look better.  Don’t let your insecurity about wearing a larger size; prove the catalyst to make you look even worse. 

Big accessories and wearing too many colors can overpower those added pounds as well.  Even though you want to wear bright red to your Christmas party, think about going dark.    One of the easiest ways to instantly look thinner is to wear flattering colors. Everyone knows that black is the most flattering color, which is why every woman should have the perfect little black dress. Black never fails to make you look slim and elegant. Darker shades of colors like blue, purple and brown can also help to hide flaws and create a slimming illusion.

But if you’re bored with black and want to wear more exciting colors, just keep this tip in mind: Bright colors draw attention to whichever area they’re worn on, so don’t wear a bright shirt if you’re trying to hide a big belly or large chest, and stay away from bright pants if you have a big bottom and wide hips.

Another rule for wearing flattering colors is to not pair a light top with dark pants if you’re on the shorter side. Doing so will visually cut the body in half, making you appear short and squat. If you want to accentuate your height or add a couple inches to your petite frame, wear monochromatic colors (tones of one color) from top to bottom. This helps to create a visual vertical line that lengthens out the body, as well as hides flaws.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Petite Purple Potatoes

Like we said, this blog is about everything petite imaginable and how awesome to find something that may just tempt your pallet this next upcoming holiday. 

Did you ever see anything so adorable?  Believe it or not, these colorful buds were created in Colorado back in 2006 when a grower decided to practice some cross-germination techniques. These darling little buds with a deep purple skin reveals this gorgeous pop of bold purple as well when you slice into them that will add a distinctive look to any dish.  Imagine the surprise of your guests when you place these in front of them.

Listed below are two great recipes you may want to give a go at:

AuGratin Casserole


  • 4 slices bacon, chopped
  • 1 leek, sliced
  • 8 purple potatoes, thinly sliced
  • 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 6 ounces crumbled goat cheese
  • 3/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C).
  2. Place bacon in a large, deep skillet. Cook over medium high heat until it starts to brown. Stir in leeks and cook until just tender.
  3. Toss potatoes with flour and stir into leek mixture, coating thoroughly. Pour in milk and stir in goat cheese. Cook until cheese is melted and mixture is bubbly. Pour into a 7x11 inch baking dish and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.
  4. Bake in preheated oven for 45 minutes, or until top is golden brown and potatoes are tender. 
Recipe compliments of

Fork-Crushed Purple Potatoes

1 pound purple potatoes, washed
4 small shallots, minced
2 tablespoons fresh-squeezed lemon juice
6 tablespoons good extra-virgin olive oil (we used half, and it was plenty for us)
Fleur de sel to taste
White pepper to taste
2 tablespoons parsley, chopped

In a large pot, cook potatoes with skins on in heavily salted boiling water until tender, approximately 15 minutes. Remove potatoes from pot, and peel them while still warm. Place potatoes in a large bowl and, using a fork, gently smash them, maintaining a fairly chunky consistency. Fold in minced shallots, lemon juice, olive oil, fleur de sel, and white pepper. Finish with parsley.

Recipe compliments of New York Magazine

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Are You A Triangle Body Shape - - Oh My !!

When you stand 5'4" tall and you have narrow shoulders, a small bust and wider hips and thighs ... being a TRIANGLE body type can be challenging to say the least. Believe it or not, it is the most common body shape and the most feminine one of all ... so say the experts. With that being said, I guess those who are triangles are in pretty good company.  Celebrities who share the same body type as you are Rachel Ray, Lucy Liu and Kelly Clarkson.

Triangle shaped women have more of a challenge when they are short so it is important to bring together flattering styles that will make you longer and leaner.  Take for example the black cocktail dress worn by Lucy Liu.

* black - a solid dark color.
* a V-neckline.
* cap sleeves, which make shoulders look wider.
* high heels (although it would be better to lose the straps on the shoes).
* soft fabric that drapes softly over her figure.

Your biggest challenge is balancing your figure because your bottom half is generally wider and you don't want to have it look heavier.  You have to try and create the illusion of an hour glass shape by drawing attention above the waist.  Avoid anything that overly emphasizes your hips and thighs like a gathered skirt, ruffles and pleats.

Play up your face, bust, neckline, and shoulders, and create some waist definition by calling attention to your slimmest areas from under the bust to your waistline. Wearing a sleeve that makes the shoulders appear broader also is a good technique and will make your figure look more like an hourglass shape.

Strategy Strive for balance so that your figure appears more like the ideal hourglass figure. Look for tops that will make you appear bigger on top while maintaining the look of a defined waistline. At the same time, look for style details that will help you look taller.

Necklines Many neckline styles will work well for petites who have triangle shaped figures. V-necklines and U-necklines are good because they add height. Also, try branching out with a scooped neckline or a sweetheart neckline, both of which will help made your shoulders appear broader.

Waistline Make sure that any top you select gives you the appearance of a defined waistline. This may either be at your natural waistline or under the bust with an empire style top.

Sleeves Short cap sleeves, flutter sleeves, or puff sleeves also widen your shoulder line to balance your hips.

Lines Surplice styles, princess seams, and vertical or chevron stripes all add to the illusion of height, so they are also desirable.

What to Avoid Avoid tops that are too long and end of the widest part of your hips. Also avoid shapeless styles with no waistline and tight sleeveless tops that emphasize a small bust. As a petite woman, be a bit careful with fussy details. Although one ruffle along a seam line will help balance your top with your hips, numerous ruffles or too dainty details may give you the appearance of a little girl. If you're a petite plus size, such frilly details will also seem out of proportion to your size.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Are You A Rectangle Body Shape?

What's a rectangle body shape?  Quite frankly, you're one of the lucky ones to have such a balanced figure type. And, you can be any size because it's the shape that determines the rectangle figure type. Women who have rectangle shaped figures don't have a defined waistline, but they do have an equally balanced top and bottom.

Petites have more of a challenge, however, in dressing because they are short. So, you'll want to combine flattering styles that will make you look longer and leaner.

In this photo, Kristi Yamaguchi wears a long pink gown with a diagonal stripe that helps create the illusion of more shape and maintains her already balanced shape without over-emphasizing either bust or hips.

Trapeze Dress
When dressing to flatter your rectangle shaped figure, your main challenges will be to maintain the figure balance that you already have and create the illusion of a defined waistline so that you look like you have more of an hourglass figure. Avoid styles, such as shifts or what is known as a trapeze dress that will hide your shape.

 BUT, if you wear extra-small sizes, such as 00P or 0P, you  can get away with these styles because of your tiny size. If you're a size 6 or above, you're better off sticking with the strategy of creating that hourglass illusion though.

Avoid styles that will over-emphasize your bust or hips. For example, if you wear a gathered skirt, your hips will look bigger and make you look bottom-heavy. If you wear a style such as an off-the-shoulder top, you may find that you appear top-heavy.  Your other big challenge will be to create the illusion of a defined waistline. Placing emphasis on the waist or midriff area in such a way that you appear to have a defined waistline will make your figure look more shapely.

Look for tops that create the illusion of a defined waistline. That may mean either an empire waistline that has a band under the bust or a top that has a band at the natural waistline. Tops with self-belts or other belted tops can work well too as long as the belt does not fall below the natural waistline.  Although styling of the top is key, you can also use color contrast to bring out the waistline definition. When the waistline band is a darker color, the definition created is more pronounced and desirable. Dark colors recede, which makes the area covered by the dark color look smaller. Tops with curved-seamline, side panels in dark colors that contrast against the color of the front can also create the illusion of a waistline. These types of tops can be difficult to find, but if you sew, you should be able to find or design a workable pattern for such a top.

Avoid tops that have too much sleeve or detail unless you balance your look with details that add hip interest too. Otherwise, your naturally balanced figure can appear unbalanced.

 If you have a rectangle shaped figure, pick jackets that define the waistline and don't upset your already balanced shape with too much detail. Belted jackets, which can be cinched at the waist, work well whether they're self-belts or separate belts. Another feature to look for in a jacket is a focal point at the waistline, such as a noticeable belt buckle. This draws the eye inward toward the focal point, making your waistline seem smaller.  Contoured seamlines that curve inward at the waistline can also help make a waistline that really isn't there. Like-wise, a chevron pattern draws the eye inward and helps give shape to the figure.

Avoid jackets that are longer than top-of-the-hip length. Also stay away from boxy shapes, such as Chanel-type cardigan styles, because they simply repeat the rectangle shape that you want to look curvier.
Anything that has a flattering V-neckline, which makes petites look taller, a self-belt to define the waistline, and a belt buckle that draws the eye inward to further define the waist. Pockets should be balanced above and below the waistline, so they make the figure appear neither top-heavy nor bottom-heavy.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The 4 Body Shapes of Petite Women

Short ... petite ... vertically challenged ... doesn't matter what they call us because it all plays out the same.  If you stand 5'4" or shorter, knowing what your "body shape" is will truly help you when selecting clothing that will accentuate your very best features and minimize those areas you would rather not have noticed.
We will touch on the 4 individual body types and articles to follow will zone on each individual type and those clothes and fashion tips to address each one ... so ladies ... stay tuned over the next four weeks.


If this is you, you are equally balanced on top and bottom; meaning your bust measurement and hip measurement are about the same. Another characteristic of this figure type is a defined waistline. When a women has an hourglass figure, the difference between the bust and/or hip measurement and the waist measurement is usually ten inches or more.  If you've been blessed with this one, it's considered the ideal body type.   Film star Salma Hayek is your perfect example.


Women with proportionally smaller busts and/or narrow shoulders and large hips or thighs will fall under this category.  Also known as a pear shape, the triangle figure is the most common known in the world.  Dressing for a triangle-shaped figure means selecting clothing that draws attention to the bust, creates a defined waistline, and minimizes hips and thighs.  Rachel Ray is a noted triangle.


A woman who has an inverted triangle-shaped figure has proportionally smaller hips and/or thighs and larger bust and/or wider shoulders when compared to a woman who has an hourglass figure. The inverted triangle is not a common figure type; however, with the popularity of bust enhancement by plastic surgery, it's becoming more common.  Dolly Parton has been this body type all of her life.

Dressing for an inverted triangle-shaped figure means selecting clothing that minimizes the bust and creates a defined waistline. Otherwise, a woman who has this figure type may look too top-heavy.


Marissa Jaret Winokur resembles this body type.  Women who have rectangle figures have relatively equal bust and hip measurements, just as a woman who has an hourglass shape does. However, a woman with a rectangle-shaped figure doesn't have a defined waistline. There's little difference in waist measurement when compared to bust and/or hip measurements, so the rectangle shape is more or less straight up and down. A variation of this shape is sometimes called an apple when the waist measurement is larger than the bust and/or hip measurement.

The major challenge for women who have a rectangle shape is to create the illusion of a defined waistline, which will make them look more like they have an hourglass shape.

Check in next week when we address the Rectangle Body Type.

Friday, October 22, 2010

October Recession Promotion

 We realize the recession has hit every one in our "Cinderella Family" of petite women's footwear and we would like to do our part to help.

Effective until Oct. 31st, we are reducing every style in our catalog by not only $20.00 but we will also be waiving the standard mailing charge on all domestic (US) orders for every order of 3 or more pairs.

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Great Sweater Tips For Petites

Sweaters are a basic for every woman's wardrobe. Petites will look better in their sweaters if they select them to fit and flatter their short figures. Here are some factors for short women to keep in mind when sweater shopping:
  • Buy your sweaters in the petites department because they will fit much better than a regular size sweater, which will be too long.
    Boat Neck
    Mock Turtle
  • Select sweaters with a flattering neckline, such as a universally flattering v-neckline.  Short women who have a wide bottom may opt for a boatneck, which helps give the illusion of broader shoulders. Avoid big cowls and turtlenecks, and instead choose a mock-neck, which is less bulky.
  • Choose knits that aren't bulky. Bulky sweaters can make short women look bigger, so a sleeker, smoother sweater knit fabric works better. Look for flattering and proportional details, such as surplice styling, waistline emphasis, and small, rather than huge, ruffles.
  • Select comfortable fabric. Scratchy wool knits irritate delicate skin, so if you choose a wool sweater, try it on to make sure that it isn't scratchy. Cotton and silk as well as blends with a bit of lycra are normally comfortable. If you want luxury, soft cashmere is a good choice.
  • Wear well fitting foundation garments under sweaters to shape and smooth the figure. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

How V-Necks Compliment A Short Frame

Wearing a top or dress with a V-neckline is a great way for short women to look thinner and taller than we truly are. Here are five fabulous short celebrities who each style their V-necklines differently, and they all look fantastic.
 Ugly Betty star America Ferrara looks thinner in her V-neck top with vertical trim detail below the V. Wearing vertical lines in combination with the V-neck emphasizes the longer look even more. For her look, find garments with vertical lines extending from the neckline.

Eva Longoria Parker looks glamorous in her V-neck cocktail dress. Notice the ruffle detail surrounding the neckline that adds a bit of emphasis to the V-line.  For her V-neck look, find garments that frame the neckline with short, ruffled lace or other embellishments that don't overcome the style.
Here's another great way to emphasize the V-neckline. Rachael Ray wears a pendant necklace, which repeats the V-line and serves as a focal point of her look. Well proportioned for Rachael, the pendant is neither too big nor too small.  For Rachael's V-neck look, wear a
pendant necklace that provides a focal point centered above the V.

Gorgeous! Reese Witherspoon's V-neckline emphasizes a lovely decolletage with just the right amount of cleavage appropriate for special occasion dressing. She simply looks pretty  without being overexposed.  For Reese's V-neck look, choose a dress with a medium V-neckline, neither too deep nor too shallow, and make sure you have the right bra, which gives a nice uplift without peeping out of the neckline.

Wearing a knit dress with a V-neckline, Renee Zellweger styles it with a little collar around the back of her neck. Her knit dress drapes smoothly over her body.  For Renee's V-neck look, pick out a knit top or dress with a little collar surrounding the back of the neckline, and make sure to wear a smoothing bra or shaper under it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jackets Tips To Complement Your Figure

Jackets belong in every petite woman's wardrobe because a jacket is a go-to garment for both work and weekend wear. Wearing a jacket is also a great way to hide midriff and tummy bulges. To get the maximum style boost from a jacket, petites should look for the jacket features that work best for short women.

 - Choose single-breasted jackets, rather than double-breasted jackets. Petites don't need extra bulk in their clothing.

- Pick a classic jacket with a V-neckline. Classically styled jackets that form a v-neckline when buttoned flatter petites because they make us look taller.

 - Buy fitted or semi-fitted jackets to create flattering, shapely lines. Petites can get lost in loose-fitted or oversized jackets.

- Make sure jackets fit in the bust. You should be able to button a jacket without any gaping or pulling across the bust line.

- Wear shorter jackets that end at the high hip and flatter most petites by creating the illusion of longer legs.

 - Wear jackets with long sleeves or at least three quarter length sleeves. Short-sleeved jackets are fairly useless.

 - Select jackets made of smooth, rather than thick, bulky fabric in order to create a longer, leaner line.

- Create the illusion of a slimmer and taller line by wearing jackets with vertical lines and seaming .

- Avoid patch pockets, no matter where they're placed on jackets, to maintain the sleekest line.

- Maximize wearability and create a leaner, taller look by selecting jackets in solid colors without embellishment. If you love prints, you can always wear a print blouse, dress, or skirt with your jacket. Jackets with subtle neutral designs, such as Glen plaid or pinstripes, will also work for petites.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eye Glass Frames That Compliment Your Face

If choosing the right frames to suit your facial shape is proving to be a frustrating science and you simply have no clue about what to choose ... not to worry.

This dilemma strikes individuals nearly every time a purchase needs to be made so, consider yourself in great company. Many women find themselves standing before a store counter mirror trying on one pair after another until they just give up.

Sadly, a large number will mindlessly stockpile pairs the same way they do lipstick tubes and makeup compacts. Think of the money you can save if you only knew how to analyze your facial shape and match it up with the right style to enhance your overall look.

First, lets determine how to do that. Stand before a mirror and pull your hair back off your forehead and away from your face. Use the diagram below to determine which facial shape comes close to resembling your own.

ROUND - No round frames for you. You need to minimize the fullness with angular frames such as rectangle/octagon which will create an illusion that thins your face. Use classic patterns and darker colors. However, make sure most of the color is on the upper rim or temple area.

SQUARE - Oval and round shapes will soften your hard angles. No square and angular shapes, however. Glasses that frame out beyond your face and wrap around to your ears will look best on you if, you have a very strong square jawline.

- Stay away from super-sized lenses, high sides, wide tops and large heavy rims. You are a great candidate for a classic pair of aviators.

- The sky is the limit! If you're petite, stick to rimless, delicate frames. Otherwise, you can sport just about anything from bold styles to impressive shapes.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jean Petite ~ The Denim For You

Jeans are a wardrobe staple every woman wants and must have.  We love the luxury of being able to go casual or dressing it up with a flirty top or jacket, jewelry and smashing heels.  There is just something about the look and feel of denim and how it compliments our figure when the fit is purrrfect.

Those of us who stand a mere 5'2" and under face more challenges than most ranging from no waist ... long legs, thick waist ... short legs ... big bootie ... flat bootie ... wide hips ... thin legs and simply being too dang short.

Not to worry though.  Designers have finally come to realize a whole other market is out there needing to be serviced and won over.  Just because they're designing them, doesn't mean that the style is right for you.  Jeans can be expensive and because of the issues we have to contend with, choosing the correct style begins with knowing what is right for your particular body shape.  Listed below are some great tips which should help you accomplish just that.

Petites who are extremely slender in the hips and legs and even have particularly long legs for their short height will do well in the skinny jean fit.
Got a curvy figure?  A boot cut will definitely help balance out an hourglass figure for sure.  Keep in mind, however, that you want to stay with a slight boot cut and not a full bell bottom variation as too wide will detract  from the long, lean line that short women need to establish in order to look taller.


Perhaps you weren't blessed with those ultra skinny "genes" and have a petite or fuller frame.  You can opt for straight leg because they are flattering for short women and form a vertical line that makes petites look longer and leaner. You'll do well to find jeans that sit higher on the waist though.

This tapered jean can help achieve a curvier look for hips that are relatively narrow. If the jeans also have some embroidery or other embellishment on the back pockets, this styling touch helps too.
 Other Key Points

1.  Selecting jeans with a dark wash, rather than a lighter or stonewashed blue denim will create a longer silhouette and make your thighs and buttocks appear slimmer.

2.  The strip of fabric located between the waistband and back pockets of your jeans is called a yoke.  You want to find jeans with a "V" shape in the back as it will give a lifted and curved illusion at the top. 

Knowing the secrets of the trade will definitely make you feel awesome in a style that compliments your figure.  Happy shopping!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Diet & The Yo Yo

For years, the yo-yo has proven itself a bothersome companion we as women can not shake despite all of our efforts. It is relentless as it teasingly takes pounds away one month and adds the little buggers back on the next.

The yo-yo haunts us all. Even though we may diligently count calories, follow portion control, cut back on carbs and eat boring rabbit food, the pounds still tend to attract to us like a magnet which, an attraction we all can do without. It's even harder when one is petite, in the midst of menopause or over 50.

We all receive those advertisements that promise loosing up to 11 pounds in 14 days eating such treats as cream-filled chocolate cake puffs or bacon & cheddar baked potato skins. Tempting? Oh yah! And then, there are those commercials claiming to remove unsightly deposits from the butt, hips and thigh area with a painless and seemingly inexpensive laser treatment. I won’t be taking them up on that offer any time soon, thank you very much.

Like the Energizer Bunny, companies continually target women who lack the will power and self-esteem to fight those demons alone. Women are targeted because sales figures taint us as vain, gullible or weak. Women falter for soulful reasons because they are beaten down caring for aged parents or a sick loved one, recuperating from a broken heart or contending with domestic violence, dealing with daily stress on the job or being over worked and under paid, PMS speaks for itself and pulled like taffy in all directions tending to a household, husband and children. That is the truth plain and simple. We appease ourselves by consuming what’s not good because of the satisfying quick fix it offers.

How do we stop the torture and truly become healthy? Let’s be honest. Yes, counting calories, portion control and cutting back carbs will help but, it is a simple eight letter word that will get us there even faster and that is called e x e r c i s e. It does not matter if you jump rope for 20 minutes; go on a power walk in the morning before your day begins or in the evening after dinner. It does not matter if you peddle a bicycle around the neighborhood a minimum of three times a week or go for a swim at your local “Y”. Over time with patience and persistence you will extricate that yo-yo from your lives forever. Making a commitment to free up just 20 minutes three times a week will go a long way. You will not only burn off calories and tone your body in the process but, immediately detox the stress from your life which can cause even greater harm in the long run. So ladies, no excuse … start today and stop the torture by taking back the control in your lives.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Miniature Perfumes

There is nothing more sensuous than the scent that perfume radiates when it blends with every woman's personal chemistry.  The beautiful mixture of essential oils and solvents creates aromas that are truly captivating and a proven luxury that every woman adds to her list of toiletry needs.

The Art of Perfumery began  in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt and later refined by the Romans and Persians.  Did you know that the world's first recorded perfume chemist was a woman?  Her name wasTapputi and she was mentioned on what they call a cuneiform tablet from as far back as the second millennium BC in Mesopotamia, where it recorded her distillery process of mixing certain flowers with oil and other aromatics.  Pretty amazing don't you think?

     The scents we choose are as unique as the footprints we leave in the sand and the personality we exude in the presence of others.  Scents range from Floral which is made up of one particular flower or Floral Bouquet combining a mixture of a few.  Perhaps, you favor an Ambered/Oriental blend which is a sweet mix of vanilla, flowers and woods.  Some of us may prefer a natural Woody scent of agar, sandal or cedarwood blends.   There is the aroma of Leather which mixes honey, tobacco and wood or, the Citrus/Fruity varieties that offer a crisp, fresh zeal from peach, passion fruit, mango and others. 

Miniatures, or perfume minis many moons back were used as free samples much like sample vials are today.  However, like every thing else in modern day society, miniatures entered the world of collectibles and became very profitable.  Most miniature sizes today are available for purchase and generally priced between $10 - $20.

Their bottles make for beautifully exquisite displays on any dressing table or counter top.  If you might like to start a collection of your own, most collectors buy from very reputable sources where you can also purchase the matching box, which increases the value considerably.

Minis hold the same fragrance as the larger bottles that sell for much more, and the bottles are usually neat little replicas of the real bottles (granted, they are made inexpensively, using plastic caps instead of glass, for example).  If you don't generally use up a big bottle in a relatively reasonable time ... remember the scent will evaporate, miniatures may be the way to go for you. 

To check out the prices, famous brands and more beautiful bottles, click on the link below for Parfum Flacons.  They have been in the field of perfume miniatures since 1986.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hairstyles To Compliment Your Face

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Perfect Dress Style For Your Shape

We all know how absolutely fab-u-lous the little black dress is. Not only has it outlived numerous trends through the decades but, it  works splendidly for any body shape and budget.

You may be someone who has had a bad experience purchasing dresses, bringing them home and realizing they do not flatter your shape at all.  It's happened to us all.

Not to worry ladies … here are some great examples to help you with your own personal dilemma. Black is complimentary, hides the flaws and absolutely stunning and chic when combined with the right accessories and heels.

Busty Figures - V-Neck, Halter & Scoop Neck shown below are what you need as well as a button down option not shown. You want to stay away from ruffles, puckering & shirring detail that runs across t he bust line and high empire waists.

Full Curvy Figures - Need to minimize but, don't hide. Again V-Neck, Scoop & Square Necklines will compliment your chest area. Belted dresses to accentuate your waistline and Wrap Dresses will adjust to your curves.

Pear Shapes - Small bust line with voluptuous hips bottom and thighs. Empire, scoop, square neck and diagonal cuts will compliment a small bust line. Stay away from a fitted bottom. Shirting should flair and the material should not be clingy.

Petite frame with Curvy Bottom - Need to elongate your body because you are short to begin with. Princess shape, belted, wrapped styles will compliment your curves. Again stay away from flimsy and thin fabrics that will cling to your curves.

Article compliments of The Girlz Korner.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Don't Let The Heel Hurt You

HEELS ... can't live with them ... can't live without them ... gotta have them in our wardrobe!

Now, reality check. They hurt, and they hurt really, really bad when we've been strutting around in them for any length of time. The question is, do you sacrifice style for comfort? Heck no! We love them because they make our legs look longer and our body slimmer. We love them because we know men think they're hot. We love them because they add "chic" to our outfits. There is just no denying that a good looking pump or, stiletto just makes our calves look fantastic and our legs as sexy as Beyonce's.

We can thank all those wonderful shoe designers out there for causing all this misery, and while the American Podiatric Medical Association tells us the easy way out is simply tossing them out with the trash ... shame on them ... let's give you some helpful hints on how you can make them work for you, and not against.

~ Granted a shorter heel (up to 2 inches) is right for comfort and health. Just keep in mind anything higher is going to place undue pressure on the ball of your foot and frontal bones. If you have to go with the height, try kicking them off when you can and keep a pair of flats/slippers under your desk for relief.

~ Believe it or, not, many women will sacrifice a smaller size because they fell in love with a certain style and the store doesn't have a pair left in their real size. Also, it's important to have your foot measured ever so often. Feet can grow as we get older and also longer and wider after pregnancy. You have to make sure there is at minimum a thumbs width between your longest toe and the shoe tip for proper room.

~ Pointed & Narrow Squared toes may be the fashion but, rounded toe shoes allow your toes to lie flat and spread out naturally. If you can't, then at least try and alternate once and a while. Pointed & narrow squared toes can cause joint pain, bunions and wrench your toes inward.

~ Many fashion shoes only come in a standard width. If you have wide feet, obviously this will cause a problem. If you love the style so much and must have them, a shoemaker can usually stretch them to widen the toe box to enhance comfort-ability.

~ Think about cushioning. We're on our feet more than ever and many shoes come with less than adequate padding. We've all felt that unbearable burning on the balls of our feet. You know and I know it will happen because heels shift our weight fully right to that area. Follow this link for the answer to that problem ... you're going to love it !!