Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Don't Let The Heel Hurt You

HEELS ... can't live with them ... can't live without them ... gotta have them in our wardrobe!

Now, reality check. They hurt, and they hurt really, really bad when we've been strutting around in them for any length of time. The question is, do you sacrifice style for comfort? Heck no! We love them because they make our legs look longer and our body slimmer. We love them because we know men think they're hot. We love them because they add "chic" to our outfits. There is just no denying that a good looking pump or, stiletto just makes our calves look fantastic and our legs as sexy as Beyonce's.

We can thank all those wonderful shoe designers out there for causing all this misery, and while the American Podiatric Medical Association tells us the easy way out is simply tossing them out with the trash ... shame on them ... let's give you some helpful hints on how you can make them work for you, and not against.

~ Granted a shorter heel (up to 2 inches) is right for comfort and health. Just keep in mind anything higher is going to place undue pressure on the ball of your foot and frontal bones. If you have to go with the height, try kicking them off when you can and keep a pair of flats/slippers under your desk for relief.

~ Believe it or, not, many women will sacrifice a smaller size because they fell in love with a certain style and the store doesn't have a pair left in their real size. Also, it's important to have your foot measured ever so often. Feet can grow as we get older and also longer and wider after pregnancy. You have to make sure there is at minimum a thumbs width between your longest toe and the shoe tip for proper room.

~ Pointed & Narrow Squared toes may be the fashion but, rounded toe shoes allow your toes to lie flat and spread out naturally. If you can't, then at least try and alternate once and a while. Pointed & narrow squared toes can cause joint pain, bunions and wrench your toes inward.

~ Many fashion shoes only come in a standard width. If you have wide feet, obviously this will cause a problem. If you love the style so much and must have them, a shoemaker can usually stretch them to widen the toe box to enhance comfort-ability.

~ Think about cushioning. We're on our feet more than ever and many shoes come with less than adequate padding. We've all felt that unbearable burning on the balls of our feet. You know and I know it will happen because heels shift our weight fully right to that area. Follow this link for the answer to that problem ... you're going to love it !!