Thursday, October 14, 2010

How V-Necks Compliment A Short Frame

Wearing a top or dress with a V-neckline is a great way for short women to look thinner and taller than we truly are. Here are five fabulous short celebrities who each style their V-necklines differently, and they all look fantastic.
 Ugly Betty star America Ferrara looks thinner in her V-neck top with vertical trim detail below the V. Wearing vertical lines in combination with the V-neck emphasizes the longer look even more. For her look, find garments with vertical lines extending from the neckline.

Eva Longoria Parker looks glamorous in her V-neck cocktail dress. Notice the ruffle detail surrounding the neckline that adds a bit of emphasis to the V-line.  For her V-neck look, find garments that frame the neckline with short, ruffled lace or other embellishments that don't overcome the style.
Here's another great way to emphasize the V-neckline. Rachael Ray wears a pendant necklace, which repeats the V-line and serves as a focal point of her look. Well proportioned for Rachael, the pendant is neither too big nor too small.  For Rachael's V-neck look, wear a
pendant necklace that provides a focal point centered above the V.

Gorgeous! Reese Witherspoon's V-neckline emphasizes a lovely decolletage with just the right amount of cleavage appropriate for special occasion dressing. She simply looks pretty  without being overexposed.  For Reese's V-neck look, choose a dress with a medium V-neckline, neither too deep nor too shallow, and make sure you have the right bra, which gives a nice uplift without peeping out of the neckline.

Wearing a knit dress with a V-neckline, Renee Zellweger styles it with a little collar around the back of her neck. Her knit dress drapes smoothly over her body.  For Renee's V-neck look, pick out a knit top or dress with a little collar surrounding the back of the neckline, and make sure to wear a smoothing bra or shaper under it.


Anonymous said...

Love the tips. I also think being happy with who God has made you goes a long ways to looking good! Like your sidebar says, "Good things come in small packages!"