Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Shoe Styles That Flatter Petites

     We can compliment our appearance by choosing the right styles to make it possible.  Sadly though, some of the styles we may love might not be flattering for our petite feet.
We loved Converses when we were younger and probably yes, the little girl in us still love them now, but when it comes to flattering our petite legs ... well ... maybe not
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Because we're short, gladiator sandals and shoes with ankle straps, ankle cuffs, ties around the ankle, heavy heels, very chunky wedges, or square toes are taboo.

Although wearing high heels is the easiest way to look taller, higher isn't always better when it comes to heels. Wearing heels that are too high will call attention to the wearer, but not in a good way. Never wear heels that are so high that you feel off-balance.

Classic pumps will make legs appear longer, slimmer, and shapelier too, so they're an excellent choice for short women. If the pumps have a pointed toe, all the better because pointed toes elongate and make petites look taller.  A V-shaped vamp can also help add to a longer look. Keep the heel height and width proportionate to your size. If you're a plus-size petite, select heels that don't look too delicate or fragile. They don't need to be chunky, just shapely and well proportioned.

Shoes with peep toes are a good choice because they tend to elongate the foot and thus make you look taller. Wearing peep toes is also a great way to show off a pretty pedicure. Peep toes work well for short women whether they're on pumps, slingbacks, kitten heels, or flats.

Slingback sandals and slides are another great choice for petites because they look light on the feet and don't add a heavy or clunky element to an ensemble. Slingback sandals are ideal for summer accessorizing. Select a heel height that you can comfortably wear. Straps on the slingbacks shouldn't be too wide. Narrower straps look better and are more in proportion for petites. If the straps extend along the top of the foot to form a V or along the sides of the foot, that type of design is a plus because it will tend to elongate and make you look taller.

Ballet flats are just the ticket for loafing about, shopping, or even for the office if you work in a casual environment. No, they won't add to your height, but you can select styles with pointed toes, a V-shaped vamp, or peep toes to help give you a longer look.

The above styles can be purchased at Cinderella Of Boston.


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This is so helpful. I don't really wear heels much tho I do own a few. Yes will love to look taller in the new year!