Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Are You A Triangle Body Shape - - Oh My !!

When you stand 5'4" tall and you have narrow shoulders, a small bust and wider hips and thighs ... being a TRIANGLE body type can be challenging to say the least. Believe it or not, it is the most common body shape and the most feminine one of all ... so say the experts. With that being said, I guess those who are triangles are in pretty good company.  Celebrities who share the same body type as you are Rachel Ray, Lucy Liu and Kelly Clarkson.

Triangle shaped women have more of a challenge when they are short so it is important to bring together flattering styles that will make you longer and leaner.  Take for example the black cocktail dress worn by Lucy Liu.

* black - a solid dark color.
* a V-neckline.
* cap sleeves, which make shoulders look wider.
* high heels (although it would be better to lose the straps on the shoes).
* soft fabric that drapes softly over her figure.

Your biggest challenge is balancing your figure because your bottom half is generally wider and you don't want to have it look heavier.  You have to try and create the illusion of an hour glass shape by drawing attention above the waist.  Avoid anything that overly emphasizes your hips and thighs like a gathered skirt, ruffles and pleats.

Play up your face, bust, neckline, and shoulders, and create some waist definition by calling attention to your slimmest areas from under the bust to your waistline. Wearing a sleeve that makes the shoulders appear broader also is a good technique and will make your figure look more like an hourglass shape.

Strategy Strive for balance so that your figure appears more like the ideal hourglass figure. Look for tops that will make you appear bigger on top while maintaining the look of a defined waistline. At the same time, look for style details that will help you look taller.

Necklines Many neckline styles will work well for petites who have triangle shaped figures. V-necklines and U-necklines are good because they add height. Also, try branching out with a scooped neckline or a sweetheart neckline, both of which will help made your shoulders appear broader.

Waistline Make sure that any top you select gives you the appearance of a defined waistline. This may either be at your natural waistline or under the bust with an empire style top.

Sleeves Short cap sleeves, flutter sleeves, or puff sleeves also widen your shoulder line to balance your hips.

Lines Surplice styles, princess seams, and vertical or chevron stripes all add to the illusion of height, so they are also desirable.

What to Avoid Avoid tops that are too long and end of the widest part of your hips. Also avoid shapeless styles with no waistline and tight sleeveless tops that emphasize a small bust. As a petite woman, be a bit careful with fussy details. Although one ruffle along a seam line will help balance your top with your hips, numerous ruffles or too dainty details may give you the appearance of a little girl. If you're a petite plus size, such frilly details will also seem out of proportion to your size.


Anonymous said...

I am actually an inverted triangle. Big bust no hips.

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Skye said...
Following your blog!
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