Friday, April 29, 2011

Petite Hats For Petite Women

Princess Kate brought "hat styling" back into fashion and has made women around the world think twice about adoring their dos with a cute little topper like the one appearing on the left.

Headwear for women has been both a frivolous ornamental accessory and necessity throughout the ages and milliners have created concoctions from the mildly simple to the grossly ornate.

A fallacy does exist, however, that hats will make a petite woman look shorter and pudgy.  That could not be farthest from the truth.  Knowing what compliments not only your facial shape but your total look is key towards purchasing the right style just for you.  You want to make sure, of course, that the style you chose matches your height and figure proportions. Any brim should definitely not be wider than your shoulders as they can overpower small frames.  If you have a full figure or over weight, stay away from very small hats. Don't wear them propped on the back of your head but rather down above your brows as it will force you to look up, elongating your neck, straightening your shoulders and making you appear visually taller.  Simple, but true.  Noted below are photos of styles for your particular facial shape.

If you have an OVAL face, not to worry.  Lucky girl that you are, you can wear anything.

Round Face

Square Face
Round Face ~ Find a hat with a large brim and a high crown. These features in a hat will help elongate your face shape and even out the roundness. 
Square Face ~ Choose hats that have curvy lines and are soft and feminine to lessen all of the angles. You also look better with large brim and upturned brim hats.

Long Face ~ You need sharp, clean styles. Wear it straight and forward to cut the length of your face. Also, go for not to wide brims with low crowns -- hats that cover your forehead to look sleek, stylish and mysterious.

Heart & Diamond Face ~  Because your chin is the most narrow point on your face, you need to avoid wide brims that will make it look narrower. Other than that, you're like the oval face shape and can pretty much wear any style you desire.

Long Face

If you'd like to read a fabulous accounting of the history of hats for women and also shop vintage clothing, click on the link below.

To figure out what your facial shape is, click on this helpful link.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Check out this great MSN video: Clothes shopping becomes big challenge for petite women

Check out this great MSN video: Clothes shopping becomes big challenge for petite women

Monday, April 11, 2011


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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Petite Pet Pics

Mini Giraffe
Pygmy Goats
Pygmy Marmoset
Indeed sometimes the best things come in the smallest of packages.  Who said we were all about fashion and shoes?  

These photos will most definitely invoke a really long "Awwww" response.  You don't realize how many petite breeds there are in the world and here are a few I thought you would find simply adorable.

Hope you enjoy them.
Pygmy Pigs

Dwarf Netherland Rabbit

Teacup Chihuahua
Miniature Pony
Toy Poodles
Miniature Mule
Mini Yorkshire Terrier