Saturday, September 11, 2010

Miniature Perfumes

There is nothing more sensuous than the scent that perfume radiates when it blends with every woman's personal chemistry.  The beautiful mixture of essential oils and solvents creates aromas that are truly captivating and a proven luxury that every woman adds to her list of toiletry needs.

The Art of Perfumery began  in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt and later refined by the Romans and Persians.  Did you know that the world's first recorded perfume chemist was a woman?  Her name wasTapputi and she was mentioned on what they call a cuneiform tablet from as far back as the second millennium BC in Mesopotamia, where it recorded her distillery process of mixing certain flowers with oil and other aromatics.  Pretty amazing don't you think?

     The scents we choose are as unique as the footprints we leave in the sand and the personality we exude in the presence of others.  Scents range from Floral which is made up of one particular flower or Floral Bouquet combining a mixture of a few.  Perhaps, you favor an Ambered/Oriental blend which is a sweet mix of vanilla, flowers and woods.  Some of us may prefer a natural Woody scent of agar, sandal or cedarwood blends.   There is the aroma of Leather which mixes honey, tobacco and wood or, the Citrus/Fruity varieties that offer a crisp, fresh zeal from peach, passion fruit, mango and others. 

Miniatures, or perfume minis many moons back were used as free samples much like sample vials are today.  However, like every thing else in modern day society, miniatures entered the world of collectibles and became very profitable.  Most miniature sizes today are available for purchase and generally priced between $10 - $20.

Their bottles make for beautifully exquisite displays on any dressing table or counter top.  If you might like to start a collection of your own, most collectors buy from very reputable sources where you can also purchase the matching box, which increases the value considerably.

Minis hold the same fragrance as the larger bottles that sell for much more, and the bottles are usually neat little replicas of the real bottles (granted, they are made inexpensively, using plastic caps instead of glass, for example).  If you don't generally use up a big bottle in a relatively reasonable time ... remember the scent will evaporate, miniatures may be the way to go for you. 

To check out the prices, famous brands and more beautiful bottles, click on the link below for Parfum Flacons.  They have been in the field of perfume miniatures since 1986.


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